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Modern development of artificial leather

Release time:2022-02-17 Source:Dongguan Haoran shoe material Co., Ltd

Artificial leather synthetic leather is an important industry with strong technology and deep professional level, involving the field of high-tech materials and a wide range of applications. Synthetic leather other than leather, such as PVC synthetic leather and PU synthetic leather, is generally referred to as artificial leather or imitation leather.
1、 PVC artificial leather
The manufacturing process of PVC artificial leather can be divided into calendered PVC and release coated PVC, commonly known as semi PU. Compared with calendered PVC, semi Pu has higher production stability and meets the high requirements of the market for products, such as color water and priority. However, the manufacturing process of semi Pu is more complex than calendered PVC, so the price will be relatively high, while the production process of calendered PVC is relatively simple, And recyclable. Therefore, it has a high price advantage, so calendered PVC has also been widely used. Calendered PVC is also the first widely used product of synthetic leather.
2、 PU synthetic leather
Pu (polyurethane) artificial leather is the second generation product. It originated from the large-scale application of polyurethane materials in the 1940s. It has the advantages of soft luster, soft hand feeling, strong leather feeling and good cold resistance. It is widely used in the fields of clothing, furniture and medium and high-grade shoes.
The earliest PU leather has been unprecedentedly developed and used in clothing, which has also laid a solid foundation for the diversification and multi-quality development of PU leather in the future. At the same time, PU leather has seen multi-quality development in luggage, footwear and other products, but the production and manufacture of PU synthetic leather is more complex and the price of raw materials is higher, Therefore, PU leather not only meets social needs, but also produces corresponding high prices.
3、 Super fiber leather, water-based leather, solvent-free leather
Due to the social demand for high environmental protection, high quality, low carbon, low energy consumption, low pollution and other high requirements, a new generation of synthetic leather products have emerged one after another. Superfine fiber artificial leather is an upgraded product of ordinary Pu artificial leather. It was developed by Kola Li and other companies in Japan in the 1970s. It takes the non-woven fabric made of superfine fiber as the matrix and uses high-performance polyurethane resin to simulate the intertwined microstructure of collagen fibers in natural leather. It can almost perfectly replace high-grade leather materials. It is mainly used in automobile interior and high-grade shoe balls Furniture field.
Due to various reasons such as price and applicability, these new types of synthetic leather have not been widely used in leather industry.

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